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Coffee Crush

It was thursday morning, i woke up a bit late. The clock on my mobile phone showed 8:30 in the morning. While i supposed to have a short meeting with my co-workers at the office. I hesitated to get out from my blanket, then I informed my friend that i'll be late via text message. Stereolab's "you used to call me sadness" was playing on my computer. (I leave my computer on to play music almost every night.) I remember that i fell asleep while reading a book that i recently bought. It was murakami's. it filled with a box of well written words that could distract me brilliantly , away from my troubled mind.
It was a good morning ,actually. I could smell the sunshine through my window.
Half an hour later, i decided to go out from my room, meet my parents, have a simple breakkie. Instant Noodle, and a mixed Juice, the juice tasted quite similar but slightly better than the taste of puke.  I took a shower, than i looked at the mirror, i tried to grow facial hair. But …

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